One of the four apostles of Black Music:
Jimi Hendrix; James Brown; Sly Stone; and George Clinton. Jimi Hendrix played for James Brown before he went out on his own.
Lyrics: I didn't mean to take up all you sweet time, I'd give it right back one of these days.

I didn't mean to take up all you sweet time, I'd give it right back one of these days.

If I don't see you no more in this world, I'll see you in the next and don't be late, don't be late.

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) Electric Ladyland
by Kenneth Brown August 04, 2005
(1942-1970)Blues guitarist from Seattle, Washington. The greatest virtuoso ever to pick up an instrument.
Jimi Hendrix plays seemingly impossible things that border on the supernatural.
by Mike Ryan from Lubbock October 02, 2003
he pioneered the new wave of rock, many guitarists look up to him, no doubt about it,the great guitarists even worship him
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Purple Haze
listen to them songs and you will be pulled in by hendrix
by Tiarnan May 10, 2005
Jimi Hendrix remains ahead of his time way past his all to unfortunate death.he paralyzes,inspires and defines evocative music. My mom played his music endlessly hence I his Voodoo Child.
If you have Jimi HenDrix and Janis Joplin you have a complete music collection.
by DaynaS March 27, 2008
Jimi is unbelievable...he was left-handed (like me) never learned to read or write music, and played a right-handed guitar upside down...the only other person who ever did that was paul mccartney
Hendrix rocks FOREVER
by Mr. Ed March 09, 2005
by n333m August 30, 2004
the guy above said it all

Hendrix is god!!!!

but not in a sacreligious way
damn dude did you here that Hendrix song Voodoo child that sounds good when ur on acid man!!
by BEIER June 20, 2003
The most amazing guitarist of this or any other generation. He was inventive, incredibly talented, and probably the coolest guy ever. Only Zeppelin can challenge him as a great rock act. His great riffs and lyrics brought rock into its age. He was at Monterey and Woodstock, where his perfromance of the Spar Spangled Banner made him a legend. Jimi Hendrix was more than a man, he was a god.
Jimi Hendrix is dead. :(
by Britt Sain May 04, 2005
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