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Most Overrated guitarist of all time. People don't realize how incredibly average he his to guitarist of today. Many, many guitarist have surpassed jimi a long time ago. Some modern day guitarist that have mastered the instrument are john petrucci, joe satriani, steve vai, and yngwie malmsteen. And much more. Jimi was so limited to blues and nothing else. Guitarist of today touch more scales than just pentatonics like hendrix. Hendrix was aslo very repetetive (partly because he limited himself to blues and the time signature 4/4) Guitarist like John petrucci touch almost all scales and modes and hae the ability to progress in their songs (which means to play in odd time meters, change keys, change modes and scales). None of this was Jimi capable of doing, maybe because he was stoned out of his mind. Jimi can't shred like modern guitarist either, and for those of you who are going to say "playing fast doesnt make you good", well you should realize that there is a lot of guitarist who shred and play slow emotional songs. Jimi was the best guitarist but got passed up first by eddie van halen, then yngwie malmsteen. After that the standards really jumped and people applied much more styles to their playing. Many guitarist became WWAAYY better than jimi. Progressive metal is where the talents at.'nough said.
Jimi hendrix was the most overrated guitarist EVER. And couldn't much either than blues, which is the easiest form of music to play.
by Christobar August 06, 2006

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