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1) A female jock.
2) A chick who excels in athletics but isn't very bright and is somewhat an airhead.

1) Act of a guy losing to a girl 1on1 in a sport.
Me: See that jilk over there?
Friend: Yea I recognize her. She practically lives in the fucking gym man. I hear she plays soccer,softball,basketball,tennis and does karate.
Me: She's dumb as rocks, but I bet she can beat your ass in most sports!

Me: Ha ha, what a loser! I can't believe that girl jilked you. You must feel like an idiot losing 1on1 like that to a girl in basketball.
Friend: Yea, I pretty much hate my life right now.
by Limit78 February 20, 2008
(1) a combination of Jizz/Milk.

(2) Jew Milk.

(3) a girl by the name of Jill K's abreviation of her name in a clever way.
(1) "I got jilk."

(2) so when i finally left her, i had a cup of jilk.

by gotjilk? November 25, 2006
to spell the alphabet wrongly
by Leannnne (: October 18, 2008
A big bad-ass!! Always wants things there way and a most of the time gets it there way!!
Dianna: My boyfriend just bought that girl a phone, when I asked him why he said he don't know
Christal: She must be a Jilks!
by the one the only CHRIS>>>> September 22, 2009
Jilk is expressed through a ladies nipple when she is:
a) on her period

b) having a phantom pregnancy

When a man latches on to the nipple for a 'suck' jilk is expressed.

Also known as jilky curd.
did you just jilk over me carly?

Wow fiona, are you on your period? your jilk tastes real strong today.

Oh man, Ive just found a piece of jilky curd on my tounge
by faffytheking August 08, 2011
Combination of the words jizz and milk.

The act of rubbing any one of your fingers across someones upper lip in order to demean them.

Can be increased my useing an injured or grossly abnormal finger.

Created in L.A.
"He looked so retarded after I Jilked him...he couldn't even speak!"

"everybody laughed at him after I Jilked him"
by Bubby McPrescott April 23, 2006
If you actually type this in, you are a moron.
You're a moron.
by Rockem13 September 18, 2003

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