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Just found out. - Used on the internet, when,

1. You discover something, or get some new info.

2. Find out the truth, behind a lie, or misconception. (coming to a higher state of understanding)
jfo about the coolest band ever - the Beatles! This is the best day of my 8 year old life.

jfo it's pronounced Kamillionaire, and not like cha-millionaire, with a chuh sound, as in chair or Cher.

jfo about that new thing happening half way around the world.

jfo my dad has another family on the other side of the country and all those business trips were just him visiting them.

jfo the other family knew about us before we knew about them.

jfo we're the other family!

jfo my mom has cancer

jfo I'm adopted...

jfo my son's biological father, is'nt me.

jfo NPH is gay.

jfo I'm gay.

jfo my girlfriend had AIDS before she met me, and she knew...

jfo I got dumped on facebook, because my girlfriend jfo she's lesbian...

jfo santa's not real.

jfo you can keep going east or west indefinitely, in circles around the earth. Even end up where you started. But you can't keep going north indefinitely, because, when you reach the north pole every direction you go in, thereafter, is south. And vice versa.

jfo I have ADD and hey do you wanna get some ice cream like right now?

How about famous people or movie characters using jfo?

Galileo: jfo the earth goes around the sun.

Columbus: JFO the earth is round and a much shorter and faster route to India.

Neo: Jfo that I'm in the Matrix. Whoa.

Charlton Heston: Jfo: This planet (of the apes) used to be Earth. So I didn't travel through space but time.... Whoa.
by Joe Napier August 13, 2013
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JFO - just fuck off
for those moments u wish ppl would leave you tha hell alone

person 1: hey, im back again needa ask ya another thing

person 2: would you JFO dude
by david toole is HOTTT!!!! May 25, 2010
it means JUMP FOR OREOS.
m: hey whose this
h: jfo
m: wtF?
by lalallala October 18, 2007

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