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means wot eva or yea ryt
Ami: i love u, u no tht and im sry
Rei: chuh.
by anon March 25, 2005
Pronounced: SHE-HUH
Half way in between a chortle and a chuckle, it is often used as a intermediate laugh when the time is inappropriate. Also used to indicate amusement or beguiled humor. Lately the use is often associated with surfer or stoner culture, whereas the 'chuh' has replaced the stall words 'hmm' and ''uhhh..."
Chuh, good game guys... But i gotta hand it to myself, chuh... you know, chuh?
by MexicanSeafood February 22, 2015
An exclamation that is often shouted during the applause of a concert, specifically ones that featuring jazz and/or classical music. Alternate spellings include cheu, chyea, chu, and chyu. It is pronounced like the word "duh", but beginning with a ch- sound.
(Band finishes song)
*Applause* Chuh! Chuh! Get it! Chuh!
by Mr. Snubz June 07, 2010
(CHH-uu-uuhh) What, Question: Chuh?:What?, Saying: Chuh!:What!, Slang: Yes
Example 1:

Tosha- Hey do you wanna bang?

Hellen- Chuh?

Tosha- Ohh sorry I thought you were someone else.

Example 2:

Thing 1: Is today Friday?

Thing 2: Chuh
by dannyboy6188 January 29, 2010
Comming from the combination of the sound "ch" and "yeah". When said fast and with ommpf, it sounds like "chuh".

Also can be written/pronounced as "chyeah" or even "chia"
Matt- "Do you think she's lame?"
Mike- "CHUH!"
by kimberlynn July 22, 2006
Yes, ok, right on, sweet, perfect. ect..
"Hey man these taco's are awesome!" "CHUH!"
by WiggerCracker August 11, 2008
Offering recognition. Anything requiring recognition.
Marlo says: Women love me.
Thi says: Chuh!
by Anonymous April 24, 2003

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