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An acronym for "just friends".
I was messing around with that chick last night, but I made sure to let her know we were jf.
by VikingFball July 17, 2006
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Jesus Fuck
Mandy: 'Oh Jf I have so much to tell you!'

Jessica: 'Jf?'
Mandy: 'Jesus fuck, duh.'
by unicorns March 13, 2015
Jizz Fest. To proclaim something was amazing. Instead of saying "it was so good" or " shes so fit".
did you watch the game last night?
yeah it was a JF!

Do you think that girl is fit?
Yeah she's a JF!
by LOLZ R US! March 31, 2011
The term "JF" is a verb recently brought to world attention in early 2007. Based on the exploits of a certain employee of an international internet corporation, "JF" is commnoly used as a verb meaning to sodomise dominantly.

In Thailand, the term "JF" has almost God-like qualities, due most likely to the hig quantity of sodomised locals who endured a great "JF-ing".

In addtion to signify anal pounding, it can also be used to mean "get screwed", as in getting screwed in the work place
I JF'd her last night!

I would love to JF that girl, but I don't have any lube.

In the workplace: "This idiot stole my presentation and I got JF'd royally!"
by Anonymous6947 March 07, 2007
This is a abbreviation and short for Justin Frink a fictional character who is native. Its stands for when someone gets there Facebook status change jokingly to something comical all in good nature and the someone gets all bitchy like a little girl and deletes you off there face book and puts a lock on there a computer and last but not least takes there hard drive off there Xbox so you cant play Gears of War all weekend
Bobby: "Dude I so just changed Jimmy's face book status too i love men"

Rick: "Dude i saw that shit it was funny and did you see Jimmy deleted you as a friend hahah"

Bobby: "Rlly ? Damn son i just got JF bad"
by Akwrx October 25, 2010
in some cases it means 'just foolin'
john: do u wanna go out with me jaylah

jaylah: ofcouse john, r u serious??

john: nah,, im jf lol

jaylah: u asshole!!
by xTheeExquizitx October 13, 2010
Common acronym used as an insult towards guys. The true meaning of JF is top secret, but in general applies to any player, jackass, bonehead, jerk, or piece of crap boy that you have had unfortunate dealings with.
"So then I found out he said the exact same thing to two other girls."
"Ew, what a freaking JF."
by Laza March 12, 2007

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