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in some cases it means 'Point Blank Period'
Mickey- why are you breaking up with me...?

Stacey- u cheated on me, i dont want you anymore PBP!! Thats it!!
by xTheeExquizitx October 17, 2010
lifes not fair
james: i didnt get 2 go 2 the fair,,this suckks!!

shawny: mann lnf,,
by xTheeExquizitx August 21, 2010
in some cases it means 'just foolin'
john: do u wanna go out with me jaylah

jaylah: ofcouse john, r u serious??

john: nah,, im jf lol

jaylah: u asshole!!
by xTheeExquizitx October 13, 2010
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