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A cross between a Jew and a noob/newb, used to demonstate the suckiness of a person or used jokingly with a good friend in which it is then used to mock or ridicule
hey jewby you stole my fries and shake!

hey jewby you haven't called me in months!
by kevmandigo March 17, 2008
A euphemism for a jewish girl's breasts. Rhymes with 'boobies.'
Yeah, she talks a lot. But she's got a sweet pair of jewbies.
by Mixolyde February 08, 2007
Referring to a Jewish Woman's boobs, breasts, and nipples. Also known as Jewish woman's knockers, and head lights. The physical attribute that makes most Jewish men, and men in general slaves to the Jewish woman.
Damn! Rachel's got some HOT ASS JEWBIES!

I'd Love to get a feel of Sarah's Jewbies.
by jabs the man June 24, 2007
Large, often saggy, yet intreging, boobs of a Jewish persuasion.
Damn, check out the jewbies on that chick...I'd fuck those for breakfast.
by D-Sleezy September 19, 2007
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