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When a white collar inmate has to take two hot meat injections simultanously because his co-conspirator dies of a heart attack before his sentence.
Upon entering Cell Block "C" I observed two muscular inmates skilling the hell out of a third flabby accountant-looking inmate
by fatchick July 05, 2006
To own someone with skill.
Yo dude, there was this guy who challenged me, man I fuckin' was skilling him!
by Korie February 04, 2004
Playing (usually a computer game) at a level that is considered above average or masterful; overcoming your opponent with great skill that is not neccessarily always characteristic. It is similar to a state such as "being in the zone" or having a higher sense of awareness, reaction, accuracy, or speed.
Steven: Wow, Bob, you played really well last game!

Bob: You know you can't touch me when I'm mad skillin', biatch!
by Thrizzle February 05, 2004