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(1), the disorienting effect of jet travel between different time zones / jet lag

(2), a self-imposed name for zealous fans of the Winnipeg Jets NHL Hockey Team
(1), After that eighteen-hour flight across the world, it will take you a day or two to lose your jet head.

(2), Now that Winnipeg has their team back, there’s a major jet head resurgence.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ November 30, 2011
The act of which a person has a gigantic forhead, typically seen with some Down-Syndrome people, but some "Normal" people.
Ben ~ Your forhead's so big you can land a jumbo jet on it!

Kris ~ ...

Joe ~ Dude, you see that guy over there?
Steve ~ Yer man - The one with the Jethead?
Joe ~ Yea that's the one, just hope the runways clear
by Ch1xt3r April 27, 2009
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