a lazy guy who never get anything done, he tries to avoid all the hard work, he tries to joke his way through life
you're such a jesper
by Miss me2 May 11, 2011
Top Definition


1. a professional fool or clown, especially on an internet forum.


-verb (without object)

1. to talk idly, irrationally, excessively, or foolishly; chatter or prattle.


-verb (with object)

1. foolish, meaningless, or incoherent speechon a subject; prattle.
This guy is a jesper so just ignore him.

(Guy is a fool and has no clue what he is talking about.)

This guy really jespered the thread.

The guy ruined the thread by writing down stupid things.
by CP_SB September 03, 2010
An orgasm which occurs during yawning. (derived from the swedish word 'gäsp' (pronounced 'jessp') meaning yawn)
Some weird people in the world have jespers.
by Jesus Montana March 30, 2003
A Synonym of cool, awesome, wild, or crazy.
Dude, the party is going to be so jesper.
by joe1897 January 11, 2010
A typical danish male name, meaning 'the patriot'

Occasionally used by immigrants to insult their immigrant friends when they are being way too danish(integrated)
-Hey Jesper, how's your mom doing?

-You know Ali? he's such a Jesper!
by Jesper Andersen March 13, 2007
To bite your pimp steak in a way that makes it squirt out of the end of the bun and fall on the ground, usually done when drunk.
Eric totally jespered his pimp steak last night, but he ate it anyway.

The cream cheese on the pimp steak left a skeet stain on his black shirt.
by comet tavern May 03, 2009
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