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A circle jerk or a group of dudes jerking each other off.
dude wanna come to the jerkle
by DougClayton4231 November 27, 2005
1: the abbreviation of circlejerk, for people who are too cool to use the whole word.

2: may also occur as an accidental malapropism when trying to say circlejerk.
1: some tards tried to get me into a jerkle lol
2: omfg I just got invited to a jerkle!!!1!! ...wait no.
by jerklecirk June 17, 2013
who knows, but someone whos not quite a jerk, but close to it
steph, your such a jerkle, god!
by jerkle, duh! November 26, 2005
n. One that makes fun of one other especially their graphics skills
Gurshan is such a big jerkle when he makes fun of us because of our graphics skills ( he's jealous )
by My dick on steroids June 03, 2015

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