A weird ass chick. Your friends might tell you she's amazing, and you might think she's funny, but Jemmas are usually not to trust.
Girl: Jemma is such a bitch! She was bitching behind my back just minutes after she told me were best friends!
Guy: And that's why I dumped her.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
Back stabbing bitch who thinks shes hot, but really shes just a fake bitch. Guys only like her because she puts out, she is the fakest bitch you will ever meet, if you ever meet a Jemma your worst night mare has just began.
Have you met Jemma?

"Nah but ive heard shes a slut"
Yeah, and shes not even a hot one.
by asshole111 July 26, 2011
A complete slut in all aspects of life, usually accompanied with a great ass. Also a complete pushover and usually extremely dim-witted, often blurting out random or irrelevant things.
"Dude! did you see Jemma? YEAH! she's with Matt! what a WHORE!!"
by Xarximarthus November 25, 2008
jemma - a girl who likes to play with herself on webcam to strangers using any object she can find. Objects include; hairbrushes, dildos, impulse cans, and HER OWN ARM, yes thats right.
man, did you see jemma shuv'en a hairbrush up herself?!?
by Lick my toes December 20, 2007
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