1. The best cartoon in the history of animation.
2. A hologram created by an all powerful computer named Synergy. She is really Jerrica Benton.
3. A cheater, a hypocrite.
1. Wake up everybody!! Jem's on!!
2. When Jerrica wishes to become Jem, she touches her Jemstar earrings and says "Showtime, Synergy!"
3. You said to always play fair, and then you cheated to win the Indy 500. You're so Jem!
by Nancy June 04, 2004
a totally outrageous canajun who was owned by a girl named jen. also, she was raped by a bear.
so this girl was all "i'm talkin' funny n shit" and i was all "like are you a jem or wut?"
by jeff420 January 23, 2005
some-one who shags sheep..hahaha retarded bitch!!
ask jem 'nahhmeen'....
by BlinG!! "Nahmeeeen" November 27, 2004

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