Another name for tranquillisers. Designed to reduce anxiety and promote calmness, relaxation and sleep. Can be used to substitute heroin.
Mark Renton from Trainspotting - "You could bring us some jellies"
by jims May 31, 2005
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Being jealous, or hating
The girls are jelly, the jealous of me
by VanessaKayy April 03, 2008
adjective; jealous.
"you saw gogol bordello in concert? ugh. jelly!"
by tangerine kicks daisies November 12, 2009
Something that Beyonce & Co. don't think you're ready for.
Little Timmy: "Hey, I found the peanut butter, but where's the jelly?"
Beyonce, singing over-pitched as usual: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly"
Little Timmy (snatching the jelly out Beyonce's hand and slicing her Achilles tendon with the bread knife):"Oh, yes I am, bitch!"
by republican horndog :-p December 02, 2004
Back in the 60's, jelly was refering to pussy. Listen to the grateful dead song duprees diamond blues... "but that sweet, sweet, jelly's so good"
Judge said, "Son, I know your baby well,
But that's a secret I can never tell."
Dupree said, "Judge well it's well understood,
But you got to admit that sweet Jelly's so good."
by Grateful White June 28, 2005
To be jealous of another human or creature.
"mang, you gots the new kanye cd?!....GUUUUUUURL i'm TOTALLY JELLY !"
by ESRAAandBROOOOKE September 04, 2006
1. fruit preserves aka jam

2. a yummy gelatinous dessert

3. a pathetic hipster way of saying you're jealous
1. I'm going to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's going to be delicious!

2. Mmm. This bowl of jelly really hits the spot!

3. You posted X all the Ys on Facebook more times than I did yesterday. I is legit so jelly. If only I didn't spend all day playing pool at college and taking photos of myself wearing indie hats. Oh well. Ily so hard. For real.
by winsomnia October 16, 2011

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