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Truly the most versatile word in existence. Can be substituted in for any noun, verb, adjective or interjection. 'Jeinting' typically means to flirt in a particularly aggressive way, or to be nasty/bitchy; 'Jeinty' likewise usually means to be either very flirty or very bitchy. 'Jeint' as a verb can mean really any type of action, including engaging in love-making activity. 'Jeint' as an interjection is used to express extreme excitement.
"Did you see how much he was jeinting on her last night?"
"Yo can I jeint wit u?" (as an invitation for sex)
by loelho March 23, 2009
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street name for cocaine; coke, blow, white,
"yo u wanna get down on that jeint?"
by Mike May 09, 2004

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