Legs that jiggle. Most likely to seen in the season of summer when large females wear short shorts and short dresses.
Anita: Fat chicks that wear short shorts and short dresses and you can see their jegs jiggling. THAT IS WHY I HATE SUMMER! Makes me want to throw up.
by FluffehSheep January 14, 2011
Top Definition
Jeg is the norwegian word for "I"
Jeg er en normann!
I'm norwegian!
by PetterKonradSandvik October 21, 2007
To dance, especially when drunk.
I jegged my ass off at my sister's wedding.
by Kimothy December 01, 2004
The act of Jegging; A jogging kegstand.
You all should have seen Ms. Czechowski Jegging at the teachers meeting last Thursday!
by Wolfpack2014 July 21, 2010
Means that something lacks in style.
the best example- Sam is a jeg
by laura123 May 20, 2007
you can use it as a noun or as an adjective - sort of like the word 'fuck'.
"you are a jeg"


"i have jegged this right up"


"you jeggy fuck"

by Anonymous May 20, 2003
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