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really awesome christian alternative. sexy. much.
"how do you say amazing? oh yea, RELIENT K."
by kimothy November 10, 2003
To dance, especially when drunk.
I jegged my ass off at my sister's wedding.
by Kimothy December 01, 2004
a cowboy that has sex a lot
the Brindel Beater gave Maz multiple water buffalos during the root in the back of his van
by Kimothy December 02, 2004
Rancid chach disorder

what a woman gets when she has bad hygene in the genital area
I know Felicia has RCD, cuz she stunk up the bathroom stall.
by Kimothy December 01, 2004
The whale they call a gym teacher at stevenson.
"run fat ass!"
by Kimothy December 07, 2003
another word for orgasm
Kimothy had 8 water buffalos last night
by Kimothy November 30, 2004

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