"did you eat?" all smashed up into one word. prety cool huh?

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"no, djoo?"
interrogative statement "did you eat" elegantly compacted by NYC metro speakers to "djeet", pronounced "jeet" with a swallowed "d" at the beginning. c.f. "djoo", an interrogative reply "did you"
by WEEZEL February 26, 2003
What do you ask someone if you want to know if they are hungry.
"Jeet" yet ?.
(Did you eat yet?)

Also answer "No djou ?".
( No did you ?)
by Otto Buttsnipe July 12, 2004
Cool, sweet, elite, nice
your car sounds jeet
by Anonymous January 14, 2003
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
Rhode Island accent pronunciation of the phrase "Did you eat?"
Tom: Hey Bill, jeet?
Bill: No, Joo?
by McLovin804 May 19, 2011
Did you eat?
"I'm going to get lunch. Jeet yet?"
by sommelier26 May 06, 2010
The largest piece of turd known to mankind. Known to think he/she is hot stuff, but really disliked by everyone. Thinks that he/she can get anybody they want, but really is quite repulsive.
John: hey there, you wanna go out with me?
Amy: HELL NO!! You're the biggest Jeet of all time!
by LaDasha December 25, 2012

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