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Slovak verb for fuck (vulgar).
It´s usually used with many prefixes.

1. vy-jebat
2. roz-jebat
3. na-jebat
4. po-jebat
5. od-jebat
6. pri-jebat

1. to spill, to fall off,
2. to break, to smash, to beat,
3. to crash, to get bombed, drunk,
4. to fuck someone, to screw,
5. to throw away, to kill somebody
6. to hit somebody, to fasten something

All words including "jebat" are rouhg, vulgar
"Ja to mozem jebat!" (author: Melisko)
"Fuck this!"
by Oliver P. January 20, 2008
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croatian word meaning to fuck
jebo ti ja mater

ja bi nju jebo
by Fonz May 02, 2004
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