a sultry vampiric female whose silence is filled by deep thoughts of domination and control.
She acted like such a Jetaime last night. She drew me in even though she was silent.
by Christina Jasliene. February 28, 2009
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I love you in French
Self explainitory
by Crimson Regret June 26, 2004
Its french for "I love you"; ONLY say it if you really really mean it(:
Je t'aime ShaineaLynneFisher forever and always because she is amazing and rad:P
by StarrStrukKiid! December 27, 2008
Definition of a french love, only french can say that correctly, keep away !
Je t'aime Shannon
by Awaystyle August 07, 2008
i love you in french
he told me," je taime". which meant he loves me =]
by annabbydoll October 04, 2008
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