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Jewish Community Center
If I dated a shiksa, the JCC of Spring Valley would shake and crumble to the ground.
by M master March 10, 2007
n. Jedi Council Community; shortened form of Your Jedi Council Community. Refers to the social and miscellaneous forum of the TheForce.Net's forums at
Dude, I was posting online at the JCC and I met this really hot chick name Nicole!
by Obi-Zahn Kenobi December 19, 2008
Short hand for telling someone indirectly you couldn't care less. Stands for Jimmy Cracked Corn ... "and I don't care."
I am going to file that under JCC.
by PCLoadLetter April 26, 2008
Josh Can't Close (as in sexually). Refers to Josh's inability to close the deal.
1. Even Josh's mom knows JCC.
2. P. knows JCC. Do you?
3. Even in Europe, JCC.
4. Christine definitely knows, JCC.
by bluejeans March 05, 2007
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