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Someone who thinks life is all about jazz, any music other than jazz sucks and if you don't love jazz you hate life and just don't "get it".

Most likely drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon, wears ironic t-shirts and fedoras and thinks anything cool sucks.
That jazzhole over there just put Benny Goodman on the jukebox.
by Your Mom's Box Stinks April 28, 2009
word referencing the holiest of holies... you know what i mean
GUY 1: Yo man how did your date with Cindy go last night?

GUY 2: It was nice, we went for a romantic movie, candle-lit dinner, and then walk on the beach

GUY 1: Did you hit it then quit it?

GUY 2: Yea man right in the fuckin jazz hole!

GUY 1: Barry Manilow would be proud.
by Alex Bird January 22, 2008
A Jazz Studies major (often at a small, midwestern music conservatory) who is pretentious, full of himself (it's almost always a guy), bigoted, and convinced he is God's gift to women. They will often judge you for not having heard of Chris Potter or Ornette Coleman or whoever they're worshipping this month The majority of jazz studies majors are jazzholes. They tend to exist in small, close-knit (almost to the point of cultishness) groups.
"Wow, that Rick guy is really cute."
"Yeah, don't go there, he'll just hit you and quit you while talking about vibraphones and then ignore you for the rest of your college career. Typical jazzhole."
by Toohap May 14, 2013

Refers to a person who is ass about jazz. Often referring to a person who is known for their pretend knowledge and love of jazz.
"Randy thought he knew all about jazz, he was such a jazzhole."
by Joe Mode May 14, 2014
a musician who believes that jazz is the only music out there and that all other music is not technical or complicated enough, thereby lacking any substance and making it bad(which is total BS). these people can play plenty of chords and scales up and down their instruments, but if you ask them to write or even just play a decent pop or rock song, they are complete shit.

a coneited jazz musician
A: Dude, I went to audition for this ensemble and totally owned this rockin' blues song!

B: Nice, did you get in?

A: No, they were a bunch of jazz holes. They were totally lost the whole time.
by tony rm December 04, 2006
The mouth of a horn-playing jazz musician. Sounds nasty (intentionally so), but it's not.
Lester's free-form sax playing was driving Bart nuts, so the frazzled Bart opened the window and yelled out, "Yo, man, shut your jazz-hole!"
by Victor Felix September 21, 2005
A phrase created when I misheard someone say "jazz holes" when they actually said "genitals". It works either way, and saying "jazz holes" is a lot funnier.

Random backgroud information: The person was talking about the angels in the movie Dogma who have no genitals.

Person #1: "My boyfriend cheated on me again!"
Person #2: "You should kick him right in the jazz hole!"

Person #1: "Keep your jazz hole away from my jazz hole!"

Person #1: "My jazz holes hurt..."
Person #2: "You should get some ointment for that or something."
Person #3: "Wtf?"
by Icareda Zadriana NiVar June 08, 2006
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