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to cross a street without taking advantage of provided means of safe crossing (ie crosswalks, etc.)
the hooligans jaywalked across the street, causing many angry honks from middle aged business men who, when forced to slam on the brakes, spilled their cappucinos on their pants.
by eliiiiiza January 30, 2005
Crossing the street without following the crosswalk or other traffic regulations, usually on busy streets which can be hazardous.
The street whores jaywalk across the street so they can get all the attention and possibly get laid and paid, because their baby's daddy left them for some other hoe on Two Notch Road.
by Crystal K September 06, 2005
to walk into the street at the wrong place while motor vehicles are crossing it
If you jaywalk, you are probably oblivious to the risk of serious injury.
by The Return of Light Joker September 18, 2008
walking down the street or through the woods or walking pretty much anywhere smoking a spliff.
Amanda: yo dude, lets go on a jaywalk down to the beach.
Jenn: Shit son, that's a bomb idea. roll it up.
by mandabee January 17, 2007
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