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3 definitions by mandabee

after someone says something you didn't want to hear, or does something that pisses you off, say "suck my left one." of course for a guy its his left berry, for a girl, if anyone gets confused say, "nah ma, not testicles, my left BOOB!"
Amanda: "dude, you look mad dumb."
Sam: "Suck my left one!"
Amanda: "Huh?"
Sam: "Nah ma, not testicles, my left BOOB!"
by mandabee January 17, 2007
a great combination of value menu food at Wendy's good to split between two people, costing a total of $8.32.

It consists of 4 junior bacon cheeseburgers, 2 five-piece chicken nuggets, 1 small frosty and 1 small drink (usually lemonade).

Always get 1 ranch sauce and 2 barbecue sauces to make barbaranchecue sauce with this shit. it's BOMB.
Sam: Let's go to the spot and get the 832.
Amanda: Shit son, what a great idea.
by mandabee January 17, 2007
walking down the street or through the woods or walking pretty much anywhere smoking a spliff.
Amanda: yo dude, lets go on a jaywalk down to the beach.
Jenn: Shit son, that's a bomb idea. roll it up.
by mandabee January 17, 2007