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mainly a young girl often misunderstood in this world very bright strong and beautiful. at times may be considered insecure and a push over but overall a good hearted woman. she could make a man weak in the knees and any girl wanna go lez.
dude! i wanna be like Jaycee when i grow up.
by jaybuggy October 23, 2008
494 314
JayCee's make really good friends, have a contagious smile, really fun to be around, there is some gene found in them that gives them a need to bug other people! They are also really sweet but at the same time mysterious and not hard on the eyes. Their also very flattering, it's almost intoxicating
Girl 1: Are you drunk or something? You keep zoning out and smiling.
Girl 2: No sorry, i just talked to a JayCee! He was so sweet it was intoxicating!
by Will Always-remember May 10, 2012
48 23