a man who craves attention. If things are not how he wants them to be he will do anything in his power to change that, including stepping on his friends. He loves the fact that he has many friends, but doesn't do anything to help them out. Arrogant, Sneeky, a complete Asshole.
After finding out that he wasn't invited, Jay threw a hissy fit and complained for the rest of the night.
by screwe dover June 03, 2009
a douche bag boy who say his lies are acceptable because he is acting. they have small dicks, think everyone is obsessed with them when no one is. could possible have split personalities. turns girls lesbians. they like to say they are hipster when if you really were you wouldn't have to try and say that you were. they have curly blue hair. possibly have an STD.
Jay: i lost my virginity to a french girl at age 15.

Jay: i can change my personality to make people like me.
by hipsterrgurrl December 31, 2010
Buff Boy living in wembley or persom from wembley....(London)
He looks like a Jay
There are so many Jays here
Shes going out with Jay
by szxcfyu March 29, 2008
a slang word for girls.
Im bored lets call those jays from last night and crosley with them.
by Peter Calabrese August 26, 2007
stupid word that losers use
zach is a loser cuz he says jays.
by andrea January 30, 2005

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