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to work 26 hours a day on something with no thanks whatsoever.
He JaxomLotused the site, but all he got were more complaints.
by Mister_IQ March 11, 2003

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find google learn research search
To research by Googling.
He jaxomlotused "Google" at Google.com
by Avi Muchnick2 January 31, 2008
To be supreme commander over all that you survey.
I would love to settle here, but King George is jaxomLOTUS here.
by icepigs August 25, 2004
To be of immense beauty and power.
His body was unusually jaxomlotus, causing all of the ladies to swoon.
by Avi Muchnick March 11, 2003
to be oblivious to the truth
Boy, that wuss he thinks he's buff. He sure is JaxomLotus.
by Mister_IQ March 11, 2003