A girl who has an awesome respecful loyal freind. Whom buys her movies and popcorn and candy and gifts and stuff for chrismas and her birthday and etc. Jasmine never says thank you. Jasmine can be a nice freind..sometimes. But she usually texts or says hi to her freind by calling her a punk, or some madeup word she uses. She gets mad at her loyal loveing freind for no reason. Her freind always says sorry and try s to be freinds again. Even if she didn't do anything. Jasmine never thanks her freind's dads for all the car rides and paying for the movies and inviteing her to go places. Threatens her loveing freind playing or not she enver says jk Even though they knew eachother for a long long time now . Her freind as been awesome to her. She doesn't care...
Freind: Hiii
Jasmine. : Hey punk .
by edvfjkdsnbjthbgtb September 23, 2010
Top Definition
a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise.
loud and has a lot of spunk.
girls wanna be her, guys wanna have her.
often immitated, but never replaced.
an honest and loving person who isnt afraid to speak the truth.
guy #1: i want a jasmine kinda girl.
guy #2: i'd go around the world and back to get her.

girl #1: you saw how mario was looking at that girl jasmine?
girl #2: i'd give anything to be a jasmine.
by laura nevarez May 24, 2008
The fucking most amazing girl you'll ever meet . She's random and nice. She's goregous awesome and shes not afraid to be wierd! She's a true friend to everyone she Encounters in her life. Shes always there for everybody else but people tend to forget to help HER out when she needs it. She's beautiful and revolves around the love of family and friends . But don't fucking get me wrong everyone mistakes her for sweet - because she is - but when it comes to defending herself and love ones she can be a bitch. She is unique in every way and can be the best friend you'll ever meet! Her best feautre is her eyes and smile! She is also funny!
Oh shit it's jasmine she's beautiful and awesome!
by SexyVolleyballbaaabe May 13, 2012
the most georgous person alive. There is no one like her. Usually shy and quiet. But once you know her you will never forget her from her amazing personality. she has a perfect body, and every guy wants her.
guy1:"man, look at that girl over there"
guy2:"yeah she looks amazing and is beautiful."
guy1:"i think her name is Jasmine"
guy2:"of course... only a Jasmine could look that good."
by cutie_girl_dime_no_other_alike December 07, 2008
often a very quiet person lost in her own thoughts. easily makes friends but is only close with a few people. falls in love quickly.
"why's that girl over there so quiet"
"oh shes just being jasmine"
by pseudonym... September 07, 2008
A beautiful white flower.
A scent used for perfume, body lotions and oils or candles,incense etc
A powerful affrodisiac.

That Jasmine is HOT!

Person1:MMMMM it smells beautiful in here
Person2:That would be Jasmine

"One day when your older Jasmine you'll blossom like the flower you share your name with.
by not jasmine June 30, 2006
a really great person, is very gorgeous !
a very good best friend, and loyal.
you know you can trust her with anything.
Jasmine is the greatest !
i don't know what i would do without her !
she is outgoing, and sometimes crazy, but i love it !
if you don't have a friend like Jasmine then your missing out.
Jasmine is the greatest person ever !
Jasmine is the greatest.
by dark blue. September 09, 2009
A beautiful name and flower;

People with this name are normally gorgeous and amazing to know.
Jasmine the Princess, from Aladdin.
She is the prettiest and best Disney Princess by far.
by JudgementDay July 10, 2008
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