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Is a use all word, to be placed almost anywhere in a sentence, to mean anything. It works much like 'x' in a math equation; x + 23 = 37. Nearly any word can be replaced with Jarm.
"I just took a huge jarm. I think it was something I ate."

"I just jarmed out at the Gym. I did ten jarms on the Jarm Press."

"I just jarmed you Mom in her Jarm Hole."
by Z. Roach April 17, 2008
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When somebody ejaculates on your arm. Jizz-Arm. Jarm.
Jarm broke my watch.
by JarmingTripod July 06, 2011
A group of best friends who do everything together and mean everthing to one another!
OMG, we are like totally JARM!
by Cuzkinss February 02, 2010

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