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1. when you're fucking a girl and you decide to do a backflip and cut her in half with your dick, while in the air you must jiz in her face, thus completing the jarf.

2. the name given to this kid eric
1. guy 1: "whoa, i jarfed this girl yesterday and she's not gonna recover for awhile.."
guy 2: "dude you have mad jarfing skills!"

2. jimmy:"have you seen jarf today?"
by xc team August 30, 2009
To fool around, to make a mockery of one's self. Most commonly used in foolish situations, causing embarrassment to both the individual and the unfortunate party members.

Will most likely result in others avoiding you in the future, or pretending you have unfortunately latched onto the group in an undesired manner.
"Sam, quit jarfing around!"

"That really was one hell of a jarf"

"How supremely jarffacious of you"
by welovewinchester March 23, 2010
The act of jizzing and vomiting simultaneously, or the act of swallowing jizz and vomiting.
Dude, she swallowed, but then she jarfed!
by GingerElk April 29, 2011
when a person farts under the water and eats the bubbles
zach spends hours in the bathtub jarfing
by Mary27 April 03, 2006
Jarf is a sexual term which is usually illegal in practice
I Jarfed the kid down the street and he phoned the police
by Kamikaze July 06, 2004
When a man ass fucks another man without permission or when a woman using a dildo or a strap-on ass fucks a guy without permission.
I sometimes enjoy being Jarfed on the weekends by strange men I just met. -Kippa
by kippa July 07, 2004
A funny member off the RvB Forum Family. He also has the best english accent.
So, what do you like in a lady? ~ doubleb
My penis ~ Jarf
by Grem July 06, 2004
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