An amazingly talented male actor and singer who doesn't give a fuck what colour his hair is or what other's think of him.

Oh and he also doesn't know the term of 'Soon'
Jared Leto: The This Is War video will be out soon
*2 years later*
Echelon: Jared when will we get that TIW video!!?
by Miss30Mars March 19, 2011
verb- To go from singing in a normal voice, to a screaming singing voice that sounds nothing like the first voice. Happens in a short period of time, usually 1 to 2 seconds.
During that song, he totally Jared Letoed.
by BuddyCakes December 29, 2010
A sexy ass dude with awesome hair, gorgeous eyes and an amazing skill to sing and act.

He plays in the band 30 seconds to mars
He was born on December 26. 1976
He's a Vegatarian

He's hot
Best song ever sung by him is The Kill <3
Jared leto is HAWT and he can sing!
by xD<3x3 October 16, 2009
also known as the modern day GOD !!!...... from the popular and amazing rock band 30 seconds to mars...
Jared Leto is God
by meesha.echelonUK December 06, 2010
A hot actor/singer. He is the lead singer of rock band 30 seconds to Mars where his brother, Shannon Leto is the drummer. He has acted (usually as a hottie or some cute confident guy) in movies such as: Highway, Requiem for a dream, fight club etc. He has a smokin hot body not to mention the most prettiest eyes with a cute face. Rumours had it he has slept with one girl from every city of America. What a slut boy! (a hot one) When he was in his early adulthood, he used to have a mohawk or normal hair, but in his mid-30s he opted for red-tipped black Gothic-looking hair and eyeliner. Both looks compliment him well, still.
Jackie: Omg did u watch that movie Fight Club? It had the awesome Jared Leto in it for a couple of scenes.
Susie: Really? Gimme that movie. Let me borrow it.
Jackie: Hes so cute. I can't get over my Jared Leto obsession.
by jackiethecow June 04, 2009
The insane untalented frontman for 30 Seconds to Mars who thinks he can actually sing. He is also a really big ego maniac with a serious temper and attitude problem. Enjoys screaming and throwing temper tantrums like a 2 year old
Jared Leto is the ulimate jackass.
by Kankuro550 August 17, 2008
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