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A hot actor/singer. He is the lead singer of rock band 30 seconds to Mars where his brother, Shannon Leto is the drummer. He has acted (usually as a hottie or some cute confident guy) in movies such as: Highway, Requiem for a dream, fight club etc. He has a smokin hot body not to mention the most prettiest eyes with a cute face. Rumours had it he has slept with one girl from every city of America. What a slut boy! (a hot one) When he was in his early adulthood, he used to have a mohawk or normal hair, but in his mid-30s he opted for red-tipped black Gothic-looking hair and eyeliner. Both looks compliment him well, still.
Jackie: Omg did u watch that movie Fight Club? It had the awesome Jared Leto in it for a couple of scenes.
Susie: Really? Gimme that movie. Let me borrow it.
Jackie: Hes so cute. I can't get over my Jared Leto obsession.
by jackiethecow June 04, 2009

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