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something indians say, to indicate they have played a joke on you, whether or not you were fooled. most likely, you weren't fooled and you are explaining to them why they are so stupid.
also may be used with BLENG
indian: hey fok, yer shoes untied!
me: well, no acutally they aren't untied. I am ACTUALLY wearing sandles, which are simply slip-on and have no need to be..
indian: JARD!!!!!
by spanky July 10, 2003
exclamation originating from ancient gremanic tribes of eastern europe.
Language adopted by the modern day SPB tribal clan. Used primarily during the daily spiritual ritual of cleansing the bowls.
Also used as slang by meaning and relating to the act of bowl movement.
My belly hurts, I have to go take a jard.
by yergi March 01, 2005
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