A JAP that has a bunch of Apple products!
person 1: I have the iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and an iPod.

person 2: damn they are a japple.
Top Definition
A Japanese apple, or just another form of your regular apple.
I'm craving one of them japples.
by KimSU November 13, 2004
A mixed drink that consists of Jack Daniels and Snapple.
They were to pussy to drink the Jack straight so they mixed it with Snapple and called it Japple.

Man 1: "Hey man you wanna try some of this Japple?"
Man 2: "Fuck that shit. I take it straight"
by Justin from PA July 18, 2006
A load of cum.
Dude I just jappled all over this girl's back!! Sorry did that japple get in your eye?? Then you betterrun for cover! She will not be happy and end up with towely's eye.
by Mikeee82 November 29, 2008
the coolest jew you will ever meet in your life........
.. and loves ska
Wow, i just got my tax refund from japple, i can survive, and he burned me the bosstones cd
by jew March 19, 2005
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