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to express discontent and irritation by exaggerated emotions such as shouting, flailing of body parts, or use of disrespectful remarks. (Sometimes used as a phrase "japping out")
My mother japped out when I arrived home extremely late from a party.
by Sharice November 22, 2003
is sexual activity that takes place in shared accommodation such as hotels in the presence of a sleeping room-mate or work colleague. The sexual activity needs to be sufficiently athletic and arousing to the receiving participant in order to gain adequate noise levels to facilitate the waking up of the sleeping colleague in order for ‘japping’ to occur.

Without alarming your blissfully unaware partner for the evening, and without breaking your rhythm. You make eye contact with your room-mate, and pre-empting any offers of assistance you silence the puzzled individual with a ‘Shhhhhh!’ and carry on as if your now awake, and some-what confused voyeur was not there.
I brought a girl back to the hotel last night and woke my room mate with the noise, I had to use my best japping skills to stop him before he thought he could join in or spoil my night.
by Treaclemaster April 27, 2015
to act as if you were someone from Japan, to act Japanese. Used and created by WatchMinister.
"Damnit, edited, stop japping around."
by Q-A July 26, 2003
A new horrific craze sweeping the nation from small children to German underground bondage sex shows. What be this sickness I hear you ask. It's the painful and unholy act of shoving objects (dildo's if you will) down one's jap eye.

It is in no way recomended and will leave lasting damage both physical and psychological.
"See that tree branch? I'll bet that makes for some good japping!"

"Sorry I didn't answer the phone Tom, I was too busy japping one.. pencil's are sharp."
by Alex J J July 10, 2006
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