A man with small eyes and a short temper. Many got involved with Hitler and did some amazing things, such as bombed the Americans and annihilated Pearl Harbour. If they did anything wrong, they were rightfully asked to either
A. Shoot themselves
B. Get beaten
C. Fuck a comfort woman
D. Fly a plane into an American building
"Dad, why does that strange smelling man have small eyes?"
"Yuck, that's a filthy Japanese cunt. We don't associate with them."
by HitlersFan June 28, 2016
1, By far the coolest language in the world. learning the writing system requires knowledge of around 3000 characters making it at least 2x as hard as spanish, french ect. cooler sounding words and much more awesome media to enjoy once you have learned it.
PersonA- Spanish is so much sexier and more sophisticated then Japanese

Person B- スペーン語なんて糞だよ、てめぇ、漢字さえ読めないこの馬鹿野郎!
1) A man, woman, or child who originates from Japan, otherwise known as the Land of the Rising Sun.

2) The group of people who the Chinese and Koreans appear to have an intense hatred for.

3) The group of people who has an intense hatred for the Chinese and Koreans.

4) The language I wish I could speak and read.
1) Hello, sir, are you Japanese?

2) Jesus, children draw pictures of Japan being nuked in China and Korea?

3) Holy shit, did the prime minister of Japan just implied that the Chinese and Koreans were inferior people?

4) Man, how I wish I knew this language so that I could watch anime and read manga.
by BusinessMan August 14, 2006
code word for when your on your period, cuz the flag has a red spot in the middle
"Hey, why arent you going swimming!"
"Cuz im japanese"
"O otaaaay"
by CirQueFreak78 April 23, 2011
Sex, fooling around, usually used in code for your boyfriend/girlfriend to let them know its go time
Girl: "I want some japanese
boy: "oh yeah, i will be right over"

" I think inez and mark went to have japanese.
by John waits January 29, 2008
the BEST ethnicity around!!! speaking as an indian american, if you go to japanese stores the food is good, and they think of every little thing. like the bean cakes have their own knife and little chopsticks!! and very innovative, too. great fashion, nice music, manga, video games, yogurt,and more!!!! whats not to like??
guy 1: mmmmm this is the best frozen yogurt ever, mmmm sugary and with unique, innovative toppings!
guy 2: its japanese, idiot, what do you expect?
guy 1: i am smitten by the japanese people, especcially their food. (even if im vegetarian!!)
by mmm yoghurt January 04, 2009
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