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beat, fucked up
that tv is all old and doesn't work right, it's janked.

that girl is a nasty whore, she's janked.
by LooP February 19, 2004
(Adj.)-Messed up, Wrong, Doesn't sound right
"Man, I heard that sydney is dumb.
Thats janked!"
by iSo Freshh April 26, 2009
to be brutally raped by a 400 lbs. wild gorilla; To be owned in general
Man did you see that jankage in CS
Drew: yo white beezy, bo got janked the other day
Colin: man i knew dat mutha would get janked sum day yo
by Colin W. July 04, 2006
Extremely screwed up, very messed up.
Guadolupe's life was janked after she had to go to summer school.
by THApkBEAST January 01, 2010
Being janked refers to being extremely fucked up, as in being extremely drunk or otherwise intoxicated.
"Man, I'm so janked."
"Yeah me too. I'm jankity janked"
by Messed Jessed August 20, 2009
Past tense verb

Combination of the slang word "Jacked" and name "Hank" to mean something stolen by a person named Hank.
Person: "Dude, my TI-84 Plus calculator was janked yesterday!"

Informed Person: "Hank did it? I thought all that guy did was wank to porn all day!"
by DeanIsLove May 11, 2011
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