When someone walks up and take's yo shit
damn, man...that nigga just janked my ride
by Jack Mehoff November 26, 2004
Meaning something is "whack"
"Dana, my test scores are janked up."
by Billiam October 19, 2004
When you just throw some shit together and you get something skatable
Dude, this weekend i janked up the sickest gap.
by The Janker Wanker September 03, 2009
Something sexual
I totally totally janked in my pants
by kmdok June 22, 2009
Unpleasant looking; Ugly
Fuck, I look janked today.
by yobabyyobabyyo August 07, 2006
To have something stolen, with a painful outcome. (Jacked/spanked)
Yo' that ho janked yo man.
by Falalala March 10, 2004

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