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The act of doing something non-productive, sometimes for the sake of annoying or amusing another person. Can be used as a verb or adjective.
"Hey look at that guy jangling over there in that parking lot with those old sticks."

"Do you want to go jangle around after work tonight by the movie theater?"

"Look Bobby, I got a new pet, he is a Jangle Monkey."

"My roommate woke up early and decided to jangle around in the kitchen pretending to do dishes in order to wake up everyone else in the house."
by Jangle Monkey October 05, 2006
1: A "flavor word" added after absolutely any other noun to make your sentence cooler than anyone else's.

2: A pronoun inserted in place of any noun in the whole world. See jount.

3: A word you say whenever you want because you do what you want.
1: Check out the rack jangles on that sloot.
2: I put the mfin jangles right here, where'd that jount go?
3: Jangles!
by D-d-d DuNIT February 29, 2004
1.n. a lanyard commonly made at summer camps but tied around your wrist like a bracelet.

2.n. a janglet is when it is tied around your ankle like an anklet.

3.v. jangling is the art or act of making jangles

4.adj. jangletastic or jangleriffic is when you are feeling as happy as when you are jangling

this word was made up by a british man named Tim visiting america while Counciling a summer camp
"ooh i love your jangle!"
"thanks! i made it at camp!"

"where did you get that anklet?"
"anklet? why this is a janglet you fool"
"oh my!"

"so what are you gunna do today?"
"well im thinking of jangling it up later if thats cool with you"
"i love jangling! its my favorite hobby! lets go!"

"hey wats up?"
"oh nothing just bored at home. what about you?"
"i am having a jangleriffic day!"
"well thats just jangletastic"
by I love Tim and Skye!!!!! July 14, 2009
To mix olde english malt liquor with welch's grape soda.
I jangled it up last night and got blasted.
by Kit Dillon and Mookie Singerman January 12, 2004
Jangling is a slap match between two people where they attempt to slap each-other in the face. It's similar to boxing, but is informal and is slapping.
Telling someone you are going to jangle them is essentially telling them you will slap them in the face.
"Guys stop jangling"
"I'll jangle the sh*t out of you son"
by Syrus21 August 26, 2012
To have a jangle meaning a good gossip or bitching session.
Mainly used up North (UK)
Tell me what ya know! Let's be avin a jangle!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
(v.) to fail miserably, to be prone to suckiness, to commit a jangle
Man, you jangle at soccer.
by McGleech February 03, 2005
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