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A word describe someone or something particularly unpleasant. Similar to minging. Used up in the North West of England (esp areas of Manchester)
how was the film?
it was well gory...propa angin!
by northern-bird November 11, 2006
Slang word meaning "thanks". Used mainly up north (UK).
How are you?
I'm fine tarr..you?

by northern-bird November 10, 2006
1. whats going on.

2. to joke.

3. the atmosphere

4. for the sake of it

(all used mainly in UK)
1. whats the crack ere then?

2. he's funny..can crack a joke or two like

3. aii...went to that party last night..was a good crack!

4. ohh lets just go for the crack!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
To have a jangle meaning a good gossip or bitching session.
Mainly used up North (UK)
Tell me what ya know! Let's be avin a jangle!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
1.n. To describe heavy rain or bad weather. Mainly used in NW England.
What's t'weather like there?
It's fuckin wangin it down!!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
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