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a hot spicy girl who is beautiful in more ways than one and has a nice hot rear end
i love janel:)
by MIRAAANDA January 19, 2009
434 347
To amaze people with just one look.
That girl janel'd me.
by jag00 February 27, 2008
450 381
VERY pretty, nice thin body, beautiful featured girl. Insecure, bitchy, agressive, distracted easily, and stubborn at times. Loves when people talk about her. Hates when people bore her.. Is real about anything. Speaks her mind. Caring, and loveable, athletic, but girly. Has a nice butt. and Has a regular sized bust, usually afrrican american
That girl Janel is my type.
by SassyLatinaaaa July 28, 2011
167 128
A chick who is loud, crazy, fun, never shy, and a great talker. Never one to back down on something.
You - Hey, that chick is a real Janels.
Me - Yeah, she could talk forever.

Me- Hey, go roll down that hill.
You- Nah, go ask Janels, She will do it.
by Peanutz January 10, 2008
34 5
A really ugly fat cow. She's a mansteeler & she looks like a monkey. Everybody acts like there her friend but deep down inside nobody likes her. She is a bitch. She eats alot. Janel's have a thing for black people. She talks shit about people, also she's a lier.
That girl is acting like a Janel.
by Sarafiinaax3 February 19, 2011
401 399