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n. ubiquitous New Zealand rubber sandal.
Equivalent to the Australian Thong,
UK/US Flip Flop
"I'd wear ya Jandals mate, the showers are pretty chancreous"
by Dan Towse August 16, 2004
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Like Sandals Except without a strap at the back and they have an upside down Y shape strap at the front going between the big toe and the second biggest toe.
British Flip flops or Aussie Thongs
by Manu September 25, 2003
what you damn aussies call thongs!
by kiwi March 25, 2003
n. type of footwear (New Zealand use)
see also flip flop
"those are some mighty fine jandals mate"
by Pete January 20, 2004
NZ term for flip-flop. Australians use the term "thong"... but that's just wrong!!
After a japanese swimming team came to NZ (many decades ago), one observer was so impressed with their style of footwear that he began making them himself - he came up with the word "Jandal" as an abbreviation of the term "Japanese Sandal".
He can't handle the jandal
by Te Tangata Nui April 27, 2006
a new zealand term for something that makes a car go very fast.
"Plucked it in first, gave it some jandal and f**k yeah!"

-Scott McLaughlin
by MarshallMan March 11, 2014
Ugly brown sandals that look like something Jesus wore back in the day. Sandals + Jesus = Jandles
Joanne is going to turn water in to wine wearing her Jandals.
by Karen K. August 23, 2007

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