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a beautiful loving girl with high hopes and big dreams. she can be moody at times but snapes out of it quick. she is the kind of person you would want to spend the whole day with
girl1: that girl is so wonderful
girl2: no shes a janaya
what a janaya
by EJMAYNLAIYA June 25, 2011
Janaya meaning random and unpredictable.
Elias stop being janayaish.
by sarah mcdowd November 27, 2006
she's the kinda girl who likes to chill. think, "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no make up, that's when youre the prettiest i hope that you don't take it wrong." she's reallll classy but the kinda girl who talks about all her friends and then goes back and acts like she ain't know anything about it!
scene:ja'naya... sweatpants & a going out shirt with a guy she stole from another girl. just chillin with her sloppy secondssss
by girlwhospeaksdatruth April 08, 2011
Loves evil and darkness! Lives in a world were he/she loves to kill people! Is emo
Ur a janaya
by soccerdiva1 February 16, 2010