A handgun. Old School hip-hop term. Used During the mid to late eighties.
The Other Day a cop came up to me so I pulled out my jammy and squeezed off six in his chest.
by Oscar Green field June 23, 2005
The rap group The Beastie Boys invented this. it means "pistol"
Pulled out the jammy!
by David Jackson May 17, 2005
A word to describe excitement/happiness or an expression to show content.
"That chat with Mike made me feel well jammy"
by Emily and Hami December 14, 2007
Nickname for Rahul Dravid, present captain of the Indian Cricket Team. was given this nickname when he did a few commercials for Kissan Jams and the punchline for those commercials had the words - "jam, jam, jammy...". Thereafter his teammates used to tease him with the nickname "jammy", a name which stuck on and is now commonly used in the press media as well to refer to Rahul Dravid.
Jammy scores a ton to save the pride of the indian team...
by Extreme1 April 13, 2006
Rejecting peanut butter and jam sandwiches (or any sandwich which uses jam as a major component) based on its texture.
"I don't like peanut and butter sandwiches. They are too jammy".
by Crissy87 June 13, 2009
jokingly talking about some ones car. like jammy or jammer. usually a cheap car, not fast... best when used making fun of owner with out him knowing for thinking he's got a serious ride.
"steal that jammy from your gramma?"

"lets go to Wendys, lets take your jammy"
by johnny abs/ southie March 26, 2007
Getting a hand job while in motion
I almost crashed because I was getting a jammy while I was driving.
by big jai jai January 24, 2007
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