The background to this phrase starts with a man named 'Chopper Read' who although being a notorious and accomplished criminal himself in Australia decided to take it upon himself to eradicate a fellow criminal from this world for an act he comitted which has now been coined Jam Jarring. It goes that the murdered man was in prison for raping a 10 year old boy. He was then released from prison slightly earlier for his good behaviour, not long after his release he had approached a 9 year old girl in a park, taken her into a quieter area of the park, he then broke a jam jar in half using the jagged ends he cut a whole in the leg of the girl and proceded to abuse this area of her body even after she had died.

When he returned to prison Chopper was on library duty and as he walked into the other man's cell he pushed him to the floor and jumped on his head from the bed until he died.

The term Jam Jarring is now employed as a means of conveying the notion of desire to follow through with this act on someone else.
Guy 1: "She is so hot I would definitley Jam Jar her."
Guy 2: "Dude that is so nasty WTF?!"
by ChopperRead May 10, 2011
Top Definition
tumblr famouz~
jamjars has 1278934677367834 followrs ~
by YOKIMI April 03, 2011
Tumblr fag and Scene moron followed by a brigade of 14 year old morons. Needs to be trolled.
Person 1: Omg, Have you seen JamJars New video?

Person 2: Yea, He just whines lots and lots.

Person 1: What's changed?
by Durpdedurp. April 28, 2011
A Tumblr-famous faggot who has his head stuck up his own ass.
He constantly fishes for comments and when someone sends him an ask he only posts the asks that give him attention like hate mail or making people feel bad for him.
Jamjars: it’s pretty annoying to be honest. It’s not even decent criticism though, people just jump at the chance to say something negative. People of today do not gmh.
by GingersWhoHaveSouls July 11, 2011
Jam jar - car
Lets all get in the jam and go daaah to brighton.
by Rowley May 16, 2003
old london slang for car
Bob: "im going for a Gypsies kiss"
Jim: "meet me in the jamjar"
by j0r93 November 05, 2005
Large glasses with thick lenses, often considered nerdy or geeky. Sometimes referred to as coke bottles.
Cool Kid 1: Eugh, look at that dweeb with the jam jars.
Cool Kid 2: Gag me. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing those.
by Raoul D. October 03, 2010
A glass jar that may contain many sorts of alcoholic beverages (mainly Ryan Cokes) and may or may not have a handle. True Jam Jars should be able to hold a full mickey. After indulging in a series of Jam Jars, comical events tend to happen.
"I've had like...7 fucking Jam Jars..."

"Let's get some Jam Jars, or play Bag Face"
by Ludacrisp July 19, 2008
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