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Old motor vehicle in bad state of repair,unreliable and a general eyesore devoid of any street cred!
jallopy corner e.g. classified ads for bargain cars
#old banger #bone shaker #crate #jallopee #jallop #bag of bolts
by Motakatsu Hideyoshi February 22, 2008
-being scandalous
-when something scandalous has been done to you
bob:what happened tina?
tina: she stole my man.
bob: dang thats JALLOPY!

rob:whats wrong lisa?
lisa:my teacher thought i cheated on my test but i didnt so she gave me an F.
rob: damn thats JALLOPY for you
#scandalous #damn #oh man #tri-fa-lin #jallopy
by helen zass March 17, 2007
-when someone is being scandalous
-when something scadalous has happened to you
bob:tina whats wrong?
tina:rick cheated on me
bob: dang thats JALLOPY!

bob:hey tina what happened with the teacher?
tina:she thought iu was cheating and she gave me an F.
bob: dang thats JALLOPY for you.
#scandalous #damn #oh man #tri-fa-lin #jallopy
by helen zass March 16, 2007
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