Top Definition
To dick slap
Joey jalloped his girlfriend after sex.

Tom while passing by in his car jalloped Joey, cause he owed him money.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 07, 2003
Common referral to a rather large amount of ejaculate.
1.Yo, you shouldda seen that jallop that i left on her chin!

2. Why don't you go in their and leave a grotesque jallop on his pillow?

3. Yo bitch, clean that jallop off your lips before talkin.
by Browniebaby October 25, 2006
The combined person of Ali and Jell-O!, usually said when refering to both- to save time.
I used Jallop as my username, I am so cool
by Jallop March 13, 2005
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