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To dick slap
Joey jalloped his girlfriend after sex.

Tom while passing by in his car jalloped Joey, cause he owed him money.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 07, 2003
25 5
Common referral to a rather large amount of ejaculate.
1.Yo, you shouldda seen that jallop that i left on her chin!

2. Why don't you go in their and leave a grotesque jallop on his pillow?

3. Yo bitch, clean that jallop off your lips before talkin.
by Browniebaby October 25, 2006
2 5
by not applicable October 22, 2003
6 11
The combined person of Ali and Jell-O!, usually said when refering to both- to save time.
I used Jallop as my TheSpark.com username, I am so cool
by Jallop March 13, 2005
0 8