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The little accent mark used in Spanish that is put over the n in jalapeño and muñeca. For the purpose of this example, we shall disregard the fact that it is really referred to as a tilde.
John put the jalapeno on words that it does not belong on, such as ñigger and boñanza. We promptly told him to go back to Spain.
by Jordandijinz0rz October 31, 2004
my bro(in theory) and he is very wierd and funny lolz
by hotpinkdragon December 17, 2009
A term for a really hot girl
(chick walks in) Dude...jalapeno!
by Yeh. June 04, 2007
A pimp in Visalia.
hey....i seen Jalapeno the other day.
by jalapeno July 17, 2003