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Ito ay isang paraan ng isang lalaki para magparaos ng kanyang kalibugan. Na kung saan ay nakahawak ang kanyang kaliwa o kanang kamay o dalawang kamay sa puno ng kanyang ari habang itinataas-baba niya ito kahalintulad ng paglamas masok ng isang ari ng isang lalaki sa pekpek ng isang babae, hanggang sa marating niya ang glorya o climax.

English translation:
A way in which a male to let go his sexual desires and horniness by holding the shaft of his penis by his left or right hand or both in an up and down motion, in a way by which a penis enters a vagina to achieve sexual climax or orgasm.
Si Juan ay nahuling nagjajakol sa kanyang kotse kasama ang kanyang asawa.

Hoy honey tama na yan, jakolin mo na ako!

Kung wala kang mahanap na makakantot eh magjakol ka na lang, tutulungan pa kita!
by PoOfRAn March 18, 2006
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a filipino means to masturbate

the act of pleasing ones self through the upward and downward motion in ones right (or left) hand, emulating the shape of a tight (or loose) pussy

damn dawg, that how was fine...i need to got to the john to jakol
by boy kantot June 06, 2003
Jakol means jack off, masturbation, ejaculation or fondle of genital area (in Filipino language), done by men to release their sexual tension. It comes from the English word, 'ejaculate'.
Maid: Bert, did you just jakol?!
Bert: Err...
Maid: Your brief smells funky!
Bert: Don't tell my parents!
by Angeluz February 16, 2009
jakol is a term used for ejaculating juices from one's penis when watching ashley simpson on MTV
jose: hey! OMGLMAOROTF what the F$#% are you doing?

wally: huh? im jakoling my dick off you fool.. and shut up ashley simpson is on MTV mOfo!

jose: i thought you dont like MTV?

wally: no assface, i just watch it to see ashley simpson!
by hayopka August 19, 2009
a term used by pinoys to describe someone who fiddles his own member...
play with ur member,then u can think of an example.
by manyak manok February 19, 2005

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